Samuel L. Jackson Just Rallied Democrats With A Hilarious Series Of Videos [WATCH]

Actor Samuel L. Jackson released a hilarious series of videos in which he is doing chores for Democratic candidates who are busy campaigning this Thursday in a call to action for people to volunteer to help the party seize back control of the House.

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“I’ve been sitting in this living room for the last three hours and 22 minutes waiting for the cable guy,” Jackson states in the video. “Why? Because it’s not just any cable guy, this is Colin Allred’s cable guy.”

“With the midterms only days away, Colin is focusing every minute of every day talking to voters, which is why I’m here waiting in his stead for the cable company’s ridiculous four-hour installation,” he details.

In a subsequent video, the “Pulp Fiction” actor is seen cleaning out kitty litter for Democratic candidate Angie Craig while she fights to represent Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District.

While crouching next to the litter, Jackson says that with Craig being “busy on the campaign trail 24/7 making sure the people in her district know she’s going to fight for them,” he is “scooping out bits of kitty treasure” to help out.

“It’s important that Angie wins so that Democrats can take back the House, and I’d do anything to help,” Jackson adds. “Anything.”

“You only get to vote once, but you can bring a lot of people with you,” Jackson states in another video. “The world’s on fire, let’s put it out!”

“It’s not enough just to vote this year — we all need to volunteer to make sure other progressives vote. That’s how we’ll win in November and transform our government. And luckily, canvassing is a lot more fun than cleaning out kitty litter,” Shaw Bowman, Head of Content at Swing Left, stated.

“It’s really important that you volunteer for your candidate,” Bowman added.



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